Sober Living Homes in Northern New Jersey

Unlike many halfway houses, sober homes are not monitored by state agencies. Oxford House facilities are the best examples of Level I sober living homes. They’re the most common type of sober living home in the United States. The houses are run by residents and emphasize peer support as an essential component of recovery. Numerous studies have shown that most people who live in sober homes after attending treatment have low rates of relapse and are able to live productive lives.

  • Rather, it is to ensure that you maintain your sobriety and abstinence from all the intoxicating substances that you were abusing.
  • New Jersey has a “zero tolerance” policy when it comes to drug use and irresponsible drinking.
  • Substance use treatment providers may offer oversight in some instances, although this is not always the case.
  • Former residents and treatment alumni may visit regularly to provide additional guidance and support.

Since most sober living homes work similarly to an apartment or Air BnB, people who want to open a sober home in NJ must go through a process. The good news for you is that this means the New Jersey only provides quality and trusted sober living accommodations for its residents. The most common sober living home throughout the state of New Jersey is the Oxford House. [2] These are self-run, self-supported recovery house programs set up for those in recovery of alcoholism and drug addiction. New Jersey sober living homes also encourage intending residents to complete a supervised detox, inpatient rehab program, or a short residential rehab program before moving in.

Locate Recovery Homes  By State

In the reintroduction phase, the sober living home relaxes some earlier restrictions and adds to the resident responsibilities to build stress tolerance. The lift-in restrictions allow the resident to experience the sober living community and use the skills learned during treatment. The residents start work or school and continue with therapy and support group sessions. Also, the individual can run errands, ride the bus for essential activities, and have their curfew extended.

View the treatment centers we work actively with, and choose the one that provides the best solution for you. You can also select payment options, ages, languages spoken and more. Residents may first move into homes with high levels of support and then transition to homes with lower levels of support.

Recovery Philosophy Within Sober Living Residences

These homes can offer an in-between option for individuals after they complete a treatment program and before they return to their homes and lives. This transition can provide continued support while residents learn to apply their newly learned self-reliant skills to real-life situations while they remain drug- or alcohol-free in a community environment. New Jersey sober living homes are residential facilities that provide a supportive, safe, and structured substance-free living arrangement for persons in recovery. Sober living homes help people transition from rehab programs to independent living.

It developed four levels of support that can be used to characterize most sober living homes. There is no in-house treatment or requirement to attend a specific recovery program, but 12-step participation is popular in Oxford Houses. A new house member must be interviewed by current residents and must receive an 80 percent vote of approval to be accepted. Residents elect officers every six months, do chores and pay rent.

Living Arrangements

You’re often required to either be enrolled in a rehabilitation center or have just recently completed treatment to qualify. In addition, most people will reside at a halfway house for Why Do I Bruise So Easily? no more than 12 months. Even after a couple completes an intensive addiction treatment program, it is not uncommon for them to feel unprepared for re-entering society newly sober.

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